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In the ancient times there used to be a naval route passing along the Montenegrin coastline. Nowadays there are many historical artefacts and sunken wrecks under the sea. Many of the diving locations are unique in Europe.

   Diving excursions                            

Explore the rich submarine world of the Montenegrin Coastline. Thalatos Tours offers a wide offer of excursions and trips to the best diving locations in Montenegro.

   Diving safari                           


Thalatos Tours organises a 7 days diving safari and a weekend diving program. Our guests can design their own diving safari or excursion. There is a choice of different diving locations and programs along whole the Montenegrin Coastline.

   Diving courses                            


We offer a wide choice of SSI diving courses. The diving courses have a different difficulty level, from beginner to professional divers.

   Services and rental of diving equipment

To make sure you can relax and have a worriless diving vacation, Thalatos Tours provides services and rental of diving equipment.

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