Thursday 22 Feb 2018



   Diving safari's

Diving safari:
Seven day stay on the ship NORMA II - 8 beds, a kitchen, bathroom, diving equipment, a compressor and a complete diving service. Possible choice of diving locations and the route.Possible tour of Montenegrin coast from Boka Kotorska to Bojana.
Price: € 420
Weekend program:
Two days, four dives at guest's choice, two whole day trips with lunch on the boat or in a restaurant and a visit to the Mamula island, Zanjice resort or Rosa (at guest's choice).
Price: € 90
Extended weekend program:
In 3 days 3 whole day diving trips with 6 dives, 3 lunches on the ship or in a restaurant - optional, a visit to the Mamula island , Zanjice and Rose.
Price: € 120 

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