Thursday 22 Feb 2018



On 20 September 1991 Montenegro claimed itself as the first ecological state in the world. The Montenegrin government was obliged to take care that the ecological balance in the country costs what costs remains.

The Montenegrin government invests a big part of its budget in education concerning ecology and in the protection of the five National Parks and the many other nature reserves. Large industrial activities are kept out of the country, to ensure that the natural balance won’t get disturbed.

Food production is very important for the development of eco tourism. Thanks to pure air and clean water the quality and the taste of the food is unique. The absolute delicious cheese, wine, smoked ham and honey belong to the best known ecological products.

These last years Montenegro worked hard to stimulate walking and bicycle vacations. In the meantime  hundreds of kilometers walking and bicycle paths were sketched. It is the ideal way to explore the country ecologically.

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