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In the Southern Adriatic sea, at the entrance of the bay of Kotor, the subtropical Igalo is situated, with palms, cypresses, bougainvillea and oleanders. Igalo is surrounded by mountains of 1600m high forming the shape of an amphitheater. Because of this the city is protected against northern winds and is open for sun and warm air from the south. Even in the winter months Igalo is a delicious destination with a gentle climate.

Igalo is mainly known for its healing mud and is one of the most famous health resorts in the world. The former Yugoslavian president, Josip Tito Broz, had a villa over there where he was regularly treated for rheumatoid arthritis. Also many other famous persons found their way to Igalo. They all were charmed by the Mediterranean environment, the mentality and the beauty of nature.

But this is not everything, Igalo can offer much more than this. Because of its unique position Igalo is an ideal point for making excursion in Montenegro, Southern-Croatia or Bosnia-Hercegovina. Several beautiful historic-cultural cities are situated in a range of 60km, such as Dubrovnik, Kotor, Budva and Herceg Novi.

You can also participate in many boat excursions in the bay of Kotor, so that this most Southern fjord of Europe can be watched from another even more spectacular side.

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