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The Boka Kotorska fjord penetrates the rough inland of Montenegro. The wonderful bend exists out of a series of 4 smaller bays, which are mutually connected by narrow straits. From the sea towards inland are these the bay of Herceg Novi, the bay of Tivat, the bay of Risan and the bay of Kotor.

The Boka Kotorska is placed officially on the list of 28 most beautiful bays in the world. The cities Kotar and Risan became protected by UNESCO because of their rich cultural heritage.

UNESCO-world heritage

The city of Kotor is situated at the end of one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Together with its 4.5 km long city wall, it is one of the best preserved medieval cities of the Adriatic Sea. The picturesque old city is a blend of Venetian and Byzantine architecture, and it possesses a rich cultural patrimony that has been protected already since 1979 by UNESCO.

City of catholic and orthodox churches

Once there were more than 30 churches in the city. Because of various earthquakes several of these churches were destroyed during different centuries. The most beautiful one is certainly the catholic Tryphon cathedral that dates from the 12th century. Also worth seeing is the Romanesque-Gothic ciborium from 1362.
In the fancy orthodox St Nicolas church one can find a collection of old icons. Here can be discovered the splendour of the orthodox church.


The fortress of Sv Ivan
It’s easy to reach the church of Our Lady, that rises above the city, from the old centre. From here a path starts leading to the fortress of Sveti Ivan, laying on a 260 m high hill. It’s a spectacular walk along the medieval city walls up to the fortress. From where one can enjoy an impressive view over the bay of Kotor.

The serpentines of the Lovćen pass
Close to the city Kotor lays the Lovćen pass. It is of the most impressive roads in the world. This road was constructed in the 19th century by the Austrians. This serpentine road is dominated by 25 hairpins turns. After the 25th hairpin one reaches an altitude of 950 m. Here can be enjoyed a breathtaking view on the mountainous Montenegrin coast.

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