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Nowadays Perast is a small seaside resort that had 3 times as many inhabitants in the Venetian period. It was the richest city of Boka Kotorska, and was known for its good sailors. Tsar Peter I the Great of Russia sent its admirals to the Navy academy of Perast, which was known all over Europe since the 16th century. The richly decorated façades of Venetian palaces and splendid architecture of the old captain's houses are the reminders of the former period of glory. The maritime museum offers their visitors the possibility to get acquainted with the rich history of this city. Also worth seeing is the St Nikolas church of which the church tower can be climbed.

In front of the coast of Perast are laying 2 small islands. The island Gospa od Škrpjela was initially only a small reef. The reef became a small island after deposits of stone. Since 1628 there is a pilgrimage church on the island. The baroque interior of the church is decorated richly. The church can proud be on the splendid paintings which were made by the local painter Tripo Kokolja. On the ceiling of the church is made a painting concerning Ascension Day and Our Lady. This giant art work is the largest baroque painting of the Balkan. Also possesses the church the largest ex-voto silvercollection in the world. In the annex of the church is a small historical and maritime museum.

On the neighbouring island Sveti Djordje are ruins of a Benedictine convent. This island is also frequently called the island of dead. Previously all captains of Perast were buried here. The cemetery is still present and can be found beside the St George church.

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