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Risan is picturesquely located in the bay of Risan at the smallest, but by far most beautiful bay of the Boka Kotorska. It is a nice city with a beautiful park, a promenade and a beach at the foot of the mountain Ledenica, the outpost of the woody mountain landscape Krivosije with a population of shepherds and hunters. The citizens sometimes still walk around in their old costume.

Risan is the oldest settlement at the Boka Kotorska. The city was already known in the antiquity as a Greek colony. Around 300 before Christ it was the residence of queen Teuta, the legendary leader of the Illyric pirates. They had withdrawn themselves at the moment they felt unsafe in Shkodër (Skadar) for the retaliation of the Romans. Nevertheless the Romans took easily over the command of Risan and Boka Kotorska.

Worth seeing out of the Roman period are mosaics from the second century. These mosaics decorated in the past the Roman villas and nowadays they can be found be in the old Serbian convent Sveti Juraj. In the church of Petar i Pavle from the 18th century is a rich treasure chamber present. The ruins of the old fortresses Grkovec and Ledenica accrue from the 16th and 17th century. They are also worth visiting.

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