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Tivat is the youngest city in Boka Kotorska. During the middle ages was this region the favorite place  of the aristocracy of Kotor. Thanks to the lovely climate they build their country house here summer palaces here. From that period dates the St Anthony church.

Tivat is a typical touristic location. During the summer all kinds of festivities are organized. The cultural summer festival takes place in July and August. This festival offers a chance to everybody to get accounted with the local art and to participate to several festivals.

Luxurious marine
Since several months Tivat has the largest marina at the Adriatic Sea. This luxurious marina has the capacity to accept mega yachts with a length of 110 m long. In 2012 an amount no less than 500 million euro will be invested in the extension of the marina.

Green archipelago
Before the coast of Tivat lays an archipelago that exists out of 3 islands, namely Stradioti with its attractive touristic harbor, Prevlaka and Gospa Od Milosti. One can find an interestingly medieval convent on Prevlaka, that dates from the 9th century. A bridge connects Prevlaka with the mainland so it can be visited easily.

International aerport
In Tivat lays an international airport. There are flying  charter flights directly from Brussels to Tivat from April to the end of October.

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