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Danilovgrad lays in the fertile Zeta valley at approximately 17 km west from Podgorica. The name of the city is derived from the name of prince Danilo, the founder of the development of the city. Prince Danilo wanted to make of Danilovgrad the new capital of Montenegro. In 1861 prince Danilo was assassinated while visiting Kotor. His successor Nikola I continued his work after the death Danilo. In 1869 started the construction of the ideal capital. The tumultuous history decided differently concerning the destiny of the city. Danilovgrad stopped developing and stayed a small city.

Fertile Zeta valley
The centre of Danilovgrad is predominated by the townscape from the 19th century. Thanks to the Zeta River Danilovgrad is a very green city and a very fertile region. The majority of the population is working in the agricultural production. At the road from Podgorica to Niksic locals try to sell their products. The Zeta valley is especially known for its nice water melons, but also for a lot of other sorts of vegetables and fruit. In the suburbs of Danilovgrad there are some factories. Especially the meat- and dairy industry are strongly developed over there.


The Monastery of Zdrebaonik
At approximately 3 km of Danilovgrad lays the monastery of Zdrebaonik. The convent of Zdrebaonik was built in 1800, by the inhabitants of the neighboring villages. In the convent one can find the relics of St Arsenija.












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