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Ostrog is situated on approximately 8 km west of Nikšić. The orthodox convent of Ostrog lays on a massive rock and is the most sacral place of Montenegro. The convent was built in the 17th century by bishop Vasilius. During his life Vasilius realised several miracles. After his dead the bishop was canonized and buried in the convent church.

Place of pilgrimage of Orthodox’s, Catholics and Muslims
The convent of Ostrog belongs to one of the most visited places for pilgrimages on the Balkan. From all directions in the world pilgrims come to this convent. As well as Orthodox’s, Catholics and Muslims believe that the mummified remains of Vasilius have miraculous and healing strengths.

Relics and golden icons
The place of pilgrimage consists in fact out of two convents. The first one is the convent that lays bellow with the church of the Holy Trinity which was built in 1820.  The upper convent seems like it was cut out of the rocks and lays on an altitude of 900 m. The upper convent has two interesting rock churches which are decorated with impressive icons. The relics of saint Vasilius are conserved over here.
When visiting the park of Ostrog we advice to park the car at the parking at the convent bellow. From this point of one can walk along a pilgrim path up to the upper convent in half an hour.












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