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The small city Rijeka Crnojevica is located at the extension of the lake of Skadar. Architectonically belongs the city to one of the most beautiful cities of Montenegro. Especially the arc shaped bridge is very picturesque and popular with photographers. Since a few years Rijeka Crnojevica is protected by the Montenegrin state as historically architectural landscape. Thanks to the financial aid of the government, lots of ruinous houses have been renovated and blooms tourism in this little city.

Resort of the Montenegrin princes
The Montenegrin princes discovered quickly the beauty of Rijeka Crnojevica. Petar I build a holiday house in the city. Prince Danilo on the other hand was responsible for the construction of the photogenic bridge and even king Nikola I decided to build here a winter palace for him. The actual Rijeka Crnojevica is approximately 200 years old. A visit to the city can easily be combined with an excursion to Cetinje or to the Skadarsko Jezero.

Culinary delight
Rijeka Crnojevica is known for its culinary specialities. Restaurant Stari Most (the old bridge) is one of the best restaurants of Montenegro. The menu card offers all the well-known local specialities like trout, eel and carp which is prepared in several manners.

By boat or by car

Rijeka Crnojevica can be reached from three directions: Podgorica, Cetinje and Virpazar. The road to Rijeka Crnojevica is marked in every one of these city mentioned above here. The most beautiful views over the city and the lake of Skadar can be found on the way of Podgorica in the direction of Rijeka Crnojevica. Close to restaurant Gazivoda is a beautiful observation post.
Rijeka Crnojevica can also be reached by boat. Excursion boats leave from Virpazar, Vranjina and Plavnica. Tourists can also book a kayak excursion to the city.












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