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Virpazar is situated at the lake of Skadar (Skadarsko Jezero). This little city is the ideal starting place for making boat excursion on the lake. On the hill above Virpazar lays the fort Besac that was build by the Turks in the 16th century. For centuries Virpazar laid on the border of the orthodox and Islamic world.

Bird watching
The lake of Skadar is a paradise for people liking birds. In the area one can find more than 270 different species. It is advised to start exploring the lake by boat as early as possible because birds are very sensitive to heat. The most interesting bird is the rare Dalmatian pelican. The local fishermen know best where are the best places to watch birds.

Žabljak Crnojevići
Close to the estuary of the Morača River are laying ruins of the city Zabljak Crnojevici of the 15th century. When it’s high water, the city is situated on an island. Zabljak Crnojevici was the first capital of the Montenegrin Empire. The immense town walls still testify about the rich past. Due to the Turkish marsh in 1482, the city was abandoned. The Montenegrin people moved their capital to a safer place in the mountains, to Cetinje.

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