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Age-old virgin forest
The National Park Biogradska Gora is 5400 ha and is the smallest national park of the country. Eighty percent of the park are virgin forests. Already in 1878 king Nikola I proclaimed this area as nature reserve. It’s the oldest nature reserve in the world after Yellowstone. Biogradska Gora is situated in the North-East of Montenegro. The park includes a part of the Bjelasica highlands from the river Tara up to the river Lim.

Botanists discovered in the park 25 plant families and 64 different sorts of trees. Some trees are 60 m high and are 500 years old. In the heart of the park lays the glacial Biogradska lake. In the park are 5 glacial lakes that are better known as “mountaineyes”. Biogradska lake is the largest lake and is located at the base of the highest mountain tops of Bjelasica. Crna Glava is 2139 m, Zekova Glava is 2117 m and Troglava is 2072 m high.

Walking paths
In the national park are beautiful walking paths finding their way true the virgin forest. All parts of the park are accessible, even the highest mountain tops. The park is a true paradise for  people who are inspired by nature. There are 2000 varieties of plants, dozens of butterflies and a lot of rare birds  among which the eagle.

Cultural heritage
The National Park Biogradska Gora has a rich cultural heritage. A lot of archaeological sites, medieval churches and authentic houses are part of the architectural environment. There is the possibility to spend the night in typical huts called Katuni, to enjoy the rest and the beauty of nature.

Ski centre Bjelasica
Close to Kolašin is ski centre Bjelasica located, with one of the best ski pistes of Montenegro. In the ski centre are 4 ski-lifts and 7 pistes. The longest piste has a length of 4.5 km. One can go snowboarding and recently one can go skiing at night.












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