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Untouched nature
The National Park of Durmitor is situated in the Northwest of the country. The National Park overlaps 39000 ha and comprises of impressive mountain ranges with crystal clear mountain lakes. On one side lays the Tara Canyon and on the other side lays the Piva Canyon. One can spend the night in several small villages and hotels besides the national park. The Durmitor mountain range comprises of 27 mountaintops which are higher than 2200 m and 48 tops higher than 2000 m, 5 canyons and 18 glacial lakes. The biggest and best known lake is Crno Jezero, the Black Lake. In the park are 748 water sources and forest which are already some hundreds of years old.

The ice cave
In the National Park of Durmitor is laying about 2000 km walking paths. There are a lot of caves. The most known one is Ledena Pećina, better known as the ice cave. One of these walking paths leads to this cave. In the cave visitors can enjoy impressive stalagmites and stalactites. Take along warm clothes when you will visit the cave cause even during warm summer days it can be very fresh inside.

De Tara Canyon
Close to the highlands of Durmitor lays the river Tara which is the longest river of Montenegro. The canyon of the river Tara is the longest and deepest in Europe. The difference in height is at its deepest points about 1300 m. After the Grand Canyon in Colorado it is the largest canyon in the world. Since 1979 are the canyon and the highlands of Durmitor protected by UNESCO.

The river Tara is especially known for its excellent rafting. The people can descend the river by kayak, rubber boat or hand-made wooden raft. It’s not necessary to be a daredevil to discover the beauty of the canyon. The track is subdivided in several categories. It’s possible to choose for a relative easy trip or for a true wild water adventure.

Ski paradise
Montenegro is not yet known in the west as a ski destination. Nevertheless is Montenegro a real ski paradise. In the north part of Montenegro are the winters are and there’s falling lots of snow. On the highest tops of the highlands of Durmitor can even still be skied in summer.












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