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Swamp lake covered with lilies
Skadar lake is situated in the Southwest of Montenegro. National Park Skadar overlaps 40000 ha. The lake in the park is 391 km ². Skadar lake is the biggest lake on the Balkan and is one of the largest in Europe. There are more than 40 different types of fish. Most present is the carp, but because the lake is connected through the Bojana River with the sea, also sea fishes appear in the water. The water level of the lake depends of the season and varies between 370 and 540 km². In the rain season the lake is blue and in summer it seems to be silver when it reflects the sun.

Medieval ruins
Around the lake are laying lots of picturesque fishermen villages. The park has a rich cultural heritage. On some islands in the lake are laying medieval orthodox convents. The nostalgic Rijeka Crnojevića, situated in the extreme  Northwest of the park, is also beautiful. In Žabljak Crnojevići lays an impressive castle ruin that functioned for a small period as the capital of the country. The city got abandoned when the Turks occupied large parts of the Balkan.

Bird watching
The untouched nature has ensured that Skadar Lake is a popular place for many colonies of birds. There are 270 sorts of birds including some rare species like the Dalmatian Pelican and the black Ibis. At Skadar Lake people can go bird watching. There are five ornithological reserves where one can go to observe birds: Manastirska Tapija, Grmožur, Omerova Gorica, Crni Žar and Pančevo Oko.

Sports facilities
In National Park Skadarsko Jezero are many sports facilities. It’s possible to spend here an active vacation. In the surroundings of Virpazar one can go horse riding and enjoying the beautiful panoramas.  In the entire park are made kilometers walking and bicycle routes.

In the National Park are some small beaches where it is nice lingering. In Murića lays a beautiful pebble beach, that can only be reached by boat. The boat excursions start from Virpazar and Vranjina.












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