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Berane is situated in the North-East of Montenegro, at the banks of the river Lim. The city was built in 1682 by the Turks. On the right bank of the Lim houses were built for the traders of the city. This part of town has been preserved up to today. The oriental character of the city is still present. Up to 1912  Berane was part of the Ottoman empire. After the collapse of the Turkish empire the city was part of Montenegro.

The convent Djurdjevi Stupovi
Berane is an industrial city. Mining, wood construction and textile production are the most important industries of the city. The centre of the city can’t offer a lot for tourist. Especially the surroundings around Berane are worth visiting. The most important curiosity is the Djurdjevi Stupovi convent, that lays 2 km from the town centre. The convent dates from the 12th century. For centuries the convent was the seat of the diocese, and often it was the centre of the resistance against the Turkish rulers. In the convent are stored some interesting fresco, icons and valuable church books. The convent is by far the most important cultural-historical construction in this part of Montenegro.

Skicentre Smiljevica
Some kilometers outside Berane, in the direction of Rozaje, lays the skiresort Smiljevica. The skipistes are located right behind the peakshaped hotel Lokve. There are plans to modernize this ski resort. For the time being it remains out of date.

In Berane are some hotels. Recomendations are Garni hotel Il Sole **** and hotel S ***. It’s also possible to rent private rooms.

In Berane is a small airport which is used by local fly sport clubs. The Montenegrin government is in search for investors who would like to revitalize this former military airport. After these investments the airport should be used to receive civil transport.










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