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The city Plav is situated in the North-East of Montenegro and there are approximately 5500 inhabitants. Plav is located at the banks of Plavsko lake and is surrounded by 2000 m high mountaintops of the highlands of Prokletije and Visitor. The city has a oriental character with two mosques and several old wooden houses and the tower of Redžepagić from the 17th century. The economy in this region is based on forestry and  agriculture. The touristic sector has known a strong economic growth for some years.

National Park Prokletije
The most important attraction of Plav is the beautiful nature in the surroundings of the city. The city is located next to Plavsko lake that is full of fish. This region is very popular with mountaineers and lovers of nature. The Prokletije highland was recently proclaimed as a National Park and belongs to the best preserved natural landscapes of Montenegro. Thanks to the numerous glacier lakes is the area very attractive for walkers and fishermen.


At about 11 km of Plav lays the city Gusinje. Gusinje was during the middle ages an important trade centre. The Mehmed Pasha and the Vezirova mosque date from the 17th and 18th century. The city view is strongly dominated by an oriental character. Gusinje is known for its colored folklore.


These last years the city of Plav increased the offer of accommodations strongly. Besides hotel Plavsko Jezero, that is out of date, one can find a lot of private rooms. Plav has also a bungalow park and an ethno-village.

There’s no shortage on good restaurants in both Plav and Gusinje. Restaurant Vodenica can be recommended. This restaurant is situated at the Ali Pasha water sources on approximately 1.5 km from Gusinje and 10.5 km from Plav. This intimate restaurant offers a great view over the nearby alps.












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