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Mundane coastal city
The city of Budva is one of the most mundane cities at the Adriatic coast. The car free old town core is surrounded by medieval town walls. These walls were built in the 15th century by the Venetians. Within the town gates are many picturesque streets where one can stroll around. In the old downtown are still many remainders of the turbulent middle ages including the catholic St John’s cathedral and the orthodox church of the Holy Trinity. The central square of the city is predominated by an Austrian fortress, the citadel, which was built in the 19th century.


Pearl white beaches
The Riviera of Budva is known for its wide bays with sandy beaches. Most of these beaches are laying in sheltered bays and are bordered by dense subtropical vegetation. The two most well-known beaches of Budva are the Mogren beach and the beautiful Slovenska Plaža that reaches a length of one and a half kilometre.
Close to the old city lays the island Sveti Nikola. Sveti Nikola with its crystal-clear beaches belongs to one of the most popular seaside resorts of Budva. The island is of the most popular destination for the locals.

Cosy restaurants and nightly amusement
Whole day long something is happening along the terraces on the promenade. Here, on Slovenska Obala, you can find intimate restaurants and nightly amusement. In the restaurants visitors can enjoy the absolutely delicious seafood dishes. Night crawlers can go out in many disco’s in Budva. One of the best places is disco Trocadero. It’s one of the largest disco’s of Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan

On seven kilometres of Budva lays the most idyllic place of the Adriatic coast, Sveti Stefan. The village, that is situated on a peninsula, was in the nineties one of the most popular destinations for the richest people on earth.A few of these well-known guests were Claudia Shiffer, Silvester Stallone and Elizabeth Taylor.

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