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Sutomore is a typical Montenegrin coastal town. Next to the city lays a 1 km long pebble beach at the base of the steep mountain Sozina. Here you can enjoy the sun and the crystal clear sea. The seawater in the region of Sutomore is thanks to the supply of many underground freshwater sources of exceptional quality. In the city are lots of places to go out. Along the promenade one can find lots of restaurants and bars. Here the city organises during the summer months several festivities.

Fortress Haj-Nehaj
On a hillock, close to Sutomore, lays the impressive fortress Haj-Nehaj. The fortress was built in the 15th century by the Venetians. In the 16th century, after the conquests of the Turks, they continued building the fortress. Here one can also find a medieval church that is dedicated to the Saint Dimitrius. In history this church was used by the Catholics as well as the Orthodox. In the church are 2 altars. One was used by the Catholics and one was used by the Orthodox’s. The fortress can be reached by a path that’s hard walking on. The path starts close to hotel Zlatibor.

Railway station
Sutomore is situated on the railway connection of Bar to Belgrado. In the city is a train station. When the train leaves Sutomore, it  disappears in a 6170 m. long railway tunnel. This railway connection is one of the most picturesque of Europe.

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